英语作文(初二期末复习) 英语作文(初二期末复习)
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  1.My friend I have a good friend . Her name is Susan .She is an English girl . She likes China very much and she is interested in Chinese . Chinese is her favorite subject . She has lots of hobbies and travelling is an important part in her life .This July her family are coming to China .They will stay here for two days, then they will take a train to Beijing . I hope they will have a great time in China this July .

  2.I want a pen pal
Hi! I’m Liu Xing from China I want a pen pal .I like reading books, surfing the net and writing emails. But my favorite hobby is playing basketball. I’m not doing well in English . I want to improve it . I want a pen pal in England or America .I think it will be a great help to me . If someone would like to be my pen pal ,please send an email to me .My email address is

  3. A letter to my classmates
Dear classmates, Good afternoon. Today let’s talk about getting on-line. Many students like getting on-line very much. They can learn how to use the modern computer. They can learn more knowledge .It can make them clever by playing different kinds of games . Getting on-line can open their eyes. But some students spend too much time on it .they talk too much and write too many letters to each other so they do worse and worse in their lessons . I think they can get on-line in summer or winter holidays .it not only can help them learn more but also relax themselves very much .

  4.What do you do in your free time
My name is May. I am a student in Class 2, Grade
  8. Recently I made a survey among the students in my class about what they do after class. There are 45 students in my class(24boys and 21girls).The survey shows different students do different things after class. Nearly a third of the students often watch TV Ten students like to play . computer games while eight enjoy reading storybooks. Five like to listen to music. Only four think doing sports is a good way to relax and another four are still busy studying in their free time . In my opinion ,we should take more exercise to help relax ourselves.

  5.A hero in my heart
Have you ever seen the film “Hero”? I think you have . You may like the people in the film . But I don’t think they are the real heroes . In my opinion, the Chinese astronaut ,Yang Liwei is the real hero . He is the first person who got to the moon in our country .And the trip to the moon was successful, though there were many difficulties .As an astronaut ,he worked very hard in order to finish the special trip perfectly . So we should learn from him to build our country into a stronger one . As a student , we
should study harder and harder .We Chinese people are proud of having such a wonderful space hero.

  6.My perfect holiday
If I had a lot of money ,I would plan to the moon because Chang’e and Wu Gang live there . The moon is so beautiful in the sky . I would go with my boyfriend and I would take my pet dog. We would take a UFO there and I would make a telephone call to
Chang’e and let her welcome us at the station . We would have a lot of things to do such as dancing with the fairies and play chess with Wu Gang and so on My dog would play the violin with the rabbit .They would be good friends . We would get married there and live there forever. Oh ,life would be so exciting .

  7. My hobby Many students have hobbies, such as reading ,painting, singing and dancing. Hobbies can make you grow as a person, develop your interests and help you learn new skills. My hobby is collecting stamps. I collected stamps many years ago. And now I
have a lot of stamps . Some stamps are interesting ,some are creative and others are educational .Collecting stamps bring me much enjoyment and help me to relax myself in my free time. I enjoy my hobby very much.
8 A trip to Xingjiang Last summer my parents took me to Xingjiang for a holiday. We went there by plane. Xingjiang is in the northwest of china. It is a beautiful and exciting place. We saw beautiful mountains, lakes and grass there. We ate a lot of delicious fruit .It was hot in the day and cold in the night. I rode a horse, climbed the high mountains and picked grapes. Although we were tired, we felt very excited. If you have a chance to go there. You’d better go there by train or by plane, but not by bus, because it will take you too much time.
★清华大学★英语系测试:为中小学生英语量身定做. 清华大学★英语系测试: 中小学生英语量身定做. 量身定做 官方网站: 官方网站:http://qinghua.yeryy.com/ 清华大学英语教授 清华大学英语教授 50 年研究成果
初一下 Unit 2 预习提纲 词组:
  1.post office 邮局
  2.near here = around here 在附近
  3.on Central Avenue 在中央大街上
  4.across from 对面
  5.next to 紧挨着,隔壁
  6.in the neighborhood 在附近
  7.just go straight 仅径直走
  8.turn left/right 身左转/右转

  9.down Bridge Street 沿着 Bridge 大街走
  10.on the right/left of 在…右边/左边
  11.off the busy street 离开这个繁华的街路
  12.enjoy the city's quiet streets 置身于城市寂静的街路
  13.take a walk through the park. 散步穿越公园
  14.a small house with a garden. 一个附带院子的小房子
  15.[at] the beginning of the garden tour. 游园开始
  16.a good place to have fun 一个娱乐的好去处
  17.in front of 在…的前面
  18.pay phone 投币电话
  19.buy sb sth/buy sth for sb 给某人买某物
  20.arrive at/in 到达(小地点/大地点)
  21.tell you the way to 告诉你去…的路
  22.next to 紧挨着
  23.between…and 在…和…之间
  24.across from 在…的对面
  25.in the neighborhood/near here 在附近
  26.take a taxi 打车
  27.pass a bank on your right 你的右边路过一个银行
  28.turn left at New Park 在新公园处左转
  29.go through 穿过
  30.have a good trip [to] 一路顺风 句型
  1.Is there a bank near here(in the neighborhood)? Yes,there is.It's on Center Street./No,there isn't.
  2.Where's the supermarket? It's across from the post office.
  3.Go straight down New Street and tern right.
  4.Turn left at Bridge Street.
  5.There's a pay phone on your left. 写作 Mrs Wang:Excuse me,is there a post office near here? You:Yes,Just go down Green Street and turn right at the second crossing. You'll see a bank in front of you. The post office is
across from the bank. Mrs Wang:Thanks a lot. You:You're welcome.
Unit 2 必背句子
  1.Is there a bank near here/in the neighborhood? Yes,there is/No, there isn't.
  2.The pay phone is across from the bank.
  3.The pay phone is next to the bank.
  4.The pay phone is between the restaurant and the post office.
  5.Who sits in front of you? Tom does.
  6.Who sits in behind you? Jim does.
  7.There are some books on the desk.
  8.There aren't any books on the desk.
  9.Bridge Street is s good place to have fun.
  10.I enjoy listening to music.
  11.Go down this street and turn left at New Park.
  12.You can see it on your right.
  13.This is the beginning of the garden tour.
  14.Let me tell you the way tp my house.
  15.I know you are arriving next Sunday.
  16.I hope you have a good trip.
  17.Please be quiet.
  18.It's a small house with a garden.
  19.Welcome to China.
  20.My father often takes a walk after dinner.
  21.It's down Bridge Street on the right.
  22.Take a taxi from the airport.
  23.There is a big desk in the front of the ciassroom.
  1.这附近有一家银行吗? 是的,有/不,没有.

★清华大学★英语系测试:为中小学生英语量身定做. 清华大学★英语系测试: 中小学生英语量身定做. 量身定做 官方网站: 官方网站:http://qinghua.yeryy.com/ 清华大学英语教授 清华大学英语教授 50 年研究成果
Unit11 what time do you go to school? 学习目标:
  2、 掌握时刻表达法及表示时间的介词 in, at, on 的用法 与他人谈论表达时间,询问日常活动的时刻。

好习惯。 第 1 课时 Section A(1a-2c) 【学习目标】
  1. 熟练掌握本课单词和短语. :
  2. 学会谈论自己及他人的日常生活及日常作息 习惯,并能合理安排.
  3.掌握时间表达法. 一、自主学习 充分预习是高效学习的前提, 请同学们全身心投入完成以下 任务:
  3、小组内竞赛,看谁记得快、准,并展示(默写) 单词: 时间淋浴,淋浴器通常 ......点钟 短语:几点,什么时候 去上学 起床 淋浴;洗澡 吃早饭
  4、认真观察1a 的图画,将词语与图片搭配,并核对答 案。 二、课堂学习步骤
  1. 合作学习,勇敢质疑。 内容为自主学习 1,2,3,4
  2. 班级展示预习成果。
  3.完成 1a, 2b 并完成 1c 的 pairwork。
  4.完成 2a,2b 听力训练和 2c 的 pairwork。 三、当堂检测。 (一)根据汉语完成句子。
  1. 我早上六点起床.
I six in the morning.
  2.他的爸爸晚上九点洗澡. His father nine in the evening.
  3.你每天早上七点跑步吗? you seven every morning?
  4.你姐姐几点吃晚饭? your sister eat ?
  5.他的爸爸不是六点起床. His father at six o'clock.
  6.Rick 有一个大家庭. Rick a
  7.你有多少个淋浴器? do you have? (二)翻译官:试试看 起床 去上学 几点;什么时候 12:54 (三)按要求改写句子. 九点9:05 淋浴 一个大家庭 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭 _____.
Alicia takes a shower at 9:
  00.(提问划线部分) ? 四、当堂总结。
  1. 我学到了什么 。
  2. 我的困惑 。
第 2 课时 Section A (3a-
  4) 【学习目标】 :
  2.熟练运用句型询问时间,以及在某个时间干什么 事 What's the time? It'sWhat time do you usually ? I usually at--
  3.通过模仿 3a,向同学介绍你的一天。 一、自主学习 学习任务一: 读写、记忆本课单词和短语.
  3.根据汉语写出下列英语单词并展示. . 工作 小时 刷 牙齿 公共汽车旅馆 夜,夜间 听 家 早晨 爱,喜欢在之后 学习任务二: 阅读 3a 部分的短文,翻译下列短语 起床 刷牙 洗澡 吃早 餐
早餐过后弹某人的吉他 去工作 乘坐 17 路公共起床 到家整 晚工作 喜欢做某事上床睡觉听某人说话 二、课堂学习步骤
  1. 合作学习,勇敢质疑。 内容为自主学习 1,2,3,
  2. 观察 Grammar Focus 句子,讨论询问时间的方法及其回答。
  3. 完成 3a 填空。
  4.阅读 3a 回答下面问题。 a. What time does Scott usually get up?
b. When does he take a shower?
c. Does he often play the guitar in the morning?
d. When does he usually get home?

  5.讨论英语中时间的表达法 一、顺读法:点钟数 + 分钟数 写出以下时间的英语表达法 07:09 08:15 09:30 12:30 如:
  7:20 seven twenty
二、逆读法:分钟数+点钟数 先来认识几个单词: quarter 十五分钟 past 超过…… half 半个小时 to 差……

  1. 分钟数 + past +点钟数(分钟数不超过 30 分) 如:
  7:20 twenty past seven 和 7:15 a quarter past seven 写出以下时间的英语表达法 07:09 08:15 09:30 12:30
  2. 差分钟数 + to +下一点钟数(分钟数超过 30 分) 如 5: 45 a quartet to six 写出以下时间的英语表达法 07:59 08:45 09:50 12:47
  6.完成 3b 对话



  1.My friend I have a good friend . Her name is Susan .She is an English girl . She likes China very much and she is interested in Chinese . Chinese is her favorite subject . She has lots of hobbies and travelling is an important part in her life .Thi ...


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