初三作文复习课 英语作文

ShiLiPu Middle School
Zeng Yumei
Are they bare mountains(荒山 荒山)? 荒山
Did the river destroy(毁坏 the 毁坏) 毁坏 houses?
Does the man have home?
Do they go to plant trees?
Do the mountains turn green again?
blue sky ,white cloud ,green villages. Is the scene(风景 风景)beautiful?. 风景
Answering the following questions.

  1.Were there lots of trees around the village? Yes ,there were.
  2.Why was the wood sold out ? Because the villagers could get much money.
  3.What happened when the rainy season came? The village and the houses were destroyed by flood.
  4.Did the villagers go on cutting trees from then on? . No,they didn’t.
  5.What did you learn from the passage? It’s very important for people to plant trees.
The Story of Trees
Village Li was on the River Zhang . There were lots of trees around the village. In order to(为了) get rich (为了) quickly some people cut all the trees down . Then the wood was sold out so that they could get much money . ? When the rainy season came , the water level (水位) 水位) of the river rose rapidly(提高很快) . Because there (提高很快) were no trees to stop the water , the river flooded the village and destroyed ( 毁 坏 ) all the houses.The villagers got so sad that they got together to talk about this. At last they found out they must plant more trees to protect themselves. From then on young trees were planted all round the village . People water them every day. Now everyone there knows trees must be protected well. Flood won’t come back again until many trees grow around the village. ?

  1.so… that (太…以至于) too..to (太…不能 不能) 太 不能 以至于) 以至于 The book is so interesting that we want to read it. He speaks so fast that I can’t understand him. He speaks too fast for me to understand.

  2.so that (以便 为了 以便,为了 以便 为了) Let’s sit the front seats so that we may see more clearly . They get up early so that they can arrive in time.
  3.not…until (直到 才) 直到…才 He didn’t go to bed until His father came back. My sister won’t go home until school is over.
Filling in the blanks with the four phrases.
  1.课桌太重她搬不动。 课桌太重她搬不动。 课桌太重她搬不动 so that ? The desk is heavy she can’t carry it. ?
  2.他们太忙了他们不能帮助你 .他们太忙了他们不能帮助你. too to ? They are busy help you. ?
  3. 这个电影太有趣了我想再看一遍。 这个电影太有趣了我想再看一遍。 ? The film is so interesting I want to that see it again. ?
  4.他们关了窗户以便他不感冒。 .他们关了窗户以便他不感冒。 so that ? They closed the window he wouldn’t catch cold.

  5.说慢点以便我能听明白。 说慢点以便我能听明白 Say slowly I can understand so that it .
  6.他明天直到 点才能回来。 . 明天直到11点才能回来。 直到 点才能回来 can’t /won’t until He come back eleven o’clock tomorrow.
  7.她每天直到 点才起床。 直到9点才起床 . 每天直到 点才起床。 She get up nine o’clock doesn’t until every day.
  8.昨天雨停了他才回家。 雨停了他才回家。 .昨天雨停了他才回家 until He didn’t go home the rain stopped yesterday.
Completing sentences with the phrases

  1.她唱的太好了,我们要求她再唱一遍。 她唱的太好了,我们要求她再唱一遍。 她唱的太好了 we asked her to sing it She sang so well that again .
  2.凯特非常累,她不能再走了。 凯特非常累, 凯特非常累 她不能再走了。 too tired to/so tired that she couldn’t Kate was walk on.
  3.我们太累了我们不能继续干了。 我们太累了我们不能继续干了。 我们太累了我们不能继续干了 that we couldn’t go on doing We were so tired .
  4.昨天 直到下午四点我们才回家。 昨天 直到下午四点我们才回家。 We didn’t go home until four o’clock yesterday afternoon.
  5.我弄了一条船 以便我能去钓鱼。 我弄了一条船,以便我能去钓鱼 我弄了一条船 以便我能去钓鱼。 so that I could go fishing I got a boat.
Comparison(比较 比较) 比较

  1.I like football very much. My father also likes football Both my father and I like playing football.
  2.They are very tired, they can’t walk any more. They are so tired that they can’t walk any more. They are too tired to walk any more.
  3.Mary didn’t go to school. She was ill. Mary didn’t go to school because she was ill. .
  4. I’ll tell him the good news. He comes back. I’ll tell him the good news as soon as he comes back.
方法点拨: : 1 审题:要求扣题发挥,不要离题万里。 审题:要求扣题发挥,不要离题万里。 2 构思:要用学过的词句表达,不要东拼西凑。 构思: 不要东拼西凑。 3 动笔: 动笔: 人称, 大小写, 标点符号, 注意: 人称, 数, 大小写, 标点符号,
时态, 语态,用词,句型, 时态, 语态,用词,句型,词性
4 复合:要使内容连贯,句子通顺,语言流畅。 复合:要使内容连贯,句子通顺,语言流畅。 5 检查修改 用词用句是否合理,句子是否连贯。 检查修改:用词用句是否合理,句子是否连贯。
  1.合理使用连接词 合理使用连接词
(and, so ,or, while…) , ,

  2.适当使用承上启下的过渡性词语 适当使用承上启下的过渡性词语
(besides, instead of, meanwhile(同时 同时) 同时
  3. 合理使用所学句型 (not only …but also, both…and, It’s+adj+to do…..)

  4. 适当使用复合句
(宾语从句 状语从句 宾语从句, 状语从句….) 宾语从句
Writing a short passage with some of the words given below :(try to use the 4
  1.现在是春天,正是植 现在是春天, 现在是春天 树的时候, 树的时候,学生们去 公园植树了… 公园植树了 ? plant trees , some, plant ,the others, water , tired, go on, work, late, protect our environment ( 保 ? 护我们的环境 ),happy.
Now it 's spring . It ' s time to plant trees. The students went to a park to plant trees. Some planted trees. The others watered them. Though they felt tired ,they still went on working. They didn’t go home,until it was very late. They knew it was important to protect our environment, so they were very happy.

  2.去年暑假父亲又带我回李村了 去年暑假父亲又带我回李村了, 去年暑假父亲又带我回李村了 家乡发生巨大变化…… 家乡发生巨大变化 take, back ,last summer holidays, hometown, great changes( 巨 大 变 化 ), take place(发生 发生),plant many trees, 发生 around bare mountains,fresh, more beautiful, than before.
The End  


初三作文复习课 英语作文

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