初三英语(上)期末练习题(一) 初三英语( 期末练习题(
  1. p a child who is taught in school or privately
  2. s only one
  3. d make sth beautiful
  4. l fasten a door
  5. s collect or save sth for future use.
  6. a come into view, become visible
  7. f build sth.; establish
  8. f the land for farming
  9. p machine for printing
  10. s vehicle for traveling in space
  1. The boy is too hungry, he has already eaten an apple, but he asks for one. A. the other B. other C. another D. others
  2. It’s going to rain. You’d better there. A. don’t go B. to not go C. not to go D. not go
  3. He spent much time the work. A. at B. in C. on D. for
  4. Mr Green would like to meet the headmaster 8:00 9:00 tomorrow morning. A. from; to B. at; at C. between; and D. from; and

  5. When his uncle ? A. did; dead B. has; died C. did; die D. has; been dead
  6. They this city last week. A. reached to B. got C. arrived D arrived in
  7. English is a foreign language, but Chinese isn’t a foreign language us. A. to B. for C. of D. by
  8. His father will be back from Berjing a month. A. between B. after C. in D. for
  9. He read nothing, he? A. does B. doesn’t C. did D. didn’t
  10. There’s milk in the bottle , is there? A. little B. few C. a little D. a few
  11.It is not so difficult maths well. A. learns B. to learn C. learning D. learned
  12. Light faster than sound . A. was travelling B. is travelling C. travel D. travels
  13. How long have youthe library book A. borrowed B. lent C. keeped D. kept
  14. A: Have you spoken to an English man? B: No, I’ve met a foreigner. A. ever, ever B. never, never C. ever, never D. never, ever
  15. A:Have you eaten your breakfast?
B: Yes, I it twenty-four minutes ago. A. have had B. have eaten C. eated D. ate
  16. A: How many times you Japan ? B: Several times. A. have, been to B. have, gone to C. have, been in D. have, been on
  17. Do you know the boy two big eyes? A. has B. with C. have D. in
  18.Would you please it again? A.speak B.talk C.say D.tell
  19.The shop’s three years. A. opened for B.opened since C.opening for D.been open for
  20.The boy is weak Chinese. But he is good maths. A.in…at B.at… in C.in… on D.on…in
  1. This job can quite quickly. (do)
  2. you your homework yet? (finish)
  3.That pen isn't yours. It's .(her)
  4.Can you help with my English?(I)
  5.Lin Lin is the in our class.(young)
  6. Who is , Mike or Jack ? (tall)

  7. We live on the floor. (twenty)
  8. English in many countries today. (speak)
  9. I born on July 2nd, 19
  89. ( be)
  10. You’d better here as soon as possible. (leave)
  1. ?How are you? ?I’m . 2 . ?Shall I call you Jim or James ? ?It doesn’t .
  3. ?I didn’t win in the sports meeting. ?Bad .
  4. ?What does that word mean? ? one?
  5. ?I think foreign languages are more important than science. ?I really can’t with you.
  6. ?What were you doing at that time when your father came back yesterday? ?I was the floor.
  7. ?Thank you for your help. ?That’s all .
  8. ?Have you found my ruler yet? ?I’m I haven’t.
  9. ?Is Bill as tall as Li Lei? ?No, he isn’t tall as Li Lei.
  10. ?Well . Congratulations. ?Thank you.
五、句型转换。按要求填词完成句型转换。 A)在下面各题 B 句的每个空格里写上一个单词,使 B 句的意思与 A 句的相近。
  1. A: My eyes started to fail at the age of seven.
B: My eyes started to fail when old.
  2. A: He is so tired that he can’t do anything else. B: He is tired do anything else.
  3. A: We’ll remember Comrade Lei Feng for ever. B: Comrade Lei Feng by us for ever.
  4. A: How expensive the car is ! B: expensive car it is! 5: A: We use computers in many ways. B: Computers in many ways.
  1.明天我们要尽力打赢这场足球赛。’ Tomorrow we will to win the football game.
  2.教师走进来时,学生们停止了谈话。 When the teacher came in, the students .
  3.我们的国家变得越来越强大了。 Our country has become .
  4.他的画将于明天在我们学校展出。 His picture at our school tomorrow.
  5.在昆明,我感到真像在家一样。 I really in Kunming.
The war finally ended in 19
  45. During the next years, two great things happened-my dad came home from the army, and I was born! I was the first child, but I wasn't alone for long. In the next four years, my mother had three more boys. It was great having a big family! The four of us were very close in age, so we played together all the time. We liked the game “policemen and thieves” best. It was exciting. Everybody always wanted to be a thief. Of course, someone had to be the policeman, and it was usually me. Well, I have grown up now, but I still love the game. There is only one thing different. I'm a real policeman, Policeman Joe, so it's not a game any more. 判断下列句子是否符合短文内容。符合的用“T”表示;不符合的用“F”表示. ( )
  1. Joe's father was once a soldier. ( )
  2. During the war his father came back home. ( )
  3. Joe was the youngest child in the family. ( )
  4. He got on well with his brothers. ( )
  5. He always had to be the thief in the game. ( )
  6. Now he doesn't like the game any more.
Since the beginning of time, man has invented many interesting things. Some of these inventions, like numbers and the radio, have certainly changed history. Since 1946, one of the most important inventions has been the computer. It will change all our lives. The first computer was built at Harvard University(哈佛大学) in 19
  44. it was as large as a room and quite difficult and slow to operate 运行) But since the invention ( . of the silicon chip (硅片) computer have become smaller, easier to use, and faster to , operate. Some computers are as small as television sets. Some computers can be made smaller than a book. And computers are getting smaller all the time. There are several reasons(原因) why computer is useful to us. First it can store (储藏) very, very large amount(数量) of information(信息). Second, the computer can operate very quickly. Third, modern computer can be built into other kinds of machines, like radios, cars, and planes. They can do a lot of work for us. Soon, almost everyone, either at home or at work, will use some kind of computer. The lives of all of us will be changed by this invention. ( )
  1.According to(根据)this passage, many inventions have changed history and people’s life. ( )
  2.The first computer was built in the middle of the 19th century(世纪). ( )
  3. A modern computer can be made smaller than silicon chip. ( )
  4. The computer has been made much better since the invention of the silicon chip. ( )
  5.The computer is useful because it can store lots of information, it can operate very quickly and can be built into other machines.
七、完型填空 One day a poor farmer was taking a bag of wheat to town. Suddenly the bag 1 from his horse onto the road. He did not know 2 to do about it because it was 3 heavy for him to lift by himself. He only hoped that someone would soon pass by and 4 him a hand. Just at this moment a man 5 a horse came up to him. But the farmer’ heart 6 when he s saw who he was. It was the \\_\\_7 man living nearby . The farmer had hoped to ask another farmer or a poor man like him to come along and help him. He couldn’t ask such a great man to help him. But to his 8 , the great man got off his horse as soon as he came nearer. He said to the farmer, “I see you 9 help, friend. How good it is that I’m here just at he right time.” Then he took one end of the bag, the farmer took the other, they together raised it and put it on the horse. “Sir,” asked the farmer, “how can I pay you?” “It’s quite easy.” The great man replied with 10 . “Wherever you see anyone else in trouble, do the same for him.” ( )
  1. A. fall B. fell C. falling D. fallen ( )
  2. A. what B. how C. that D. it ( )
  3. A. very B. so C. quite D. too ( )
  4. A. lend B. ask C. borrow D. gave ( )
  5. A. riding B. ride C. rode D. rides ( )
  6. A. falls B. sinks C. sank D. rose
( )
  7. A. poor B. great C. good D. bad ( )
  8. A. surprised B. surprising C. surprise D. surprises ( )
  9. A. needs B. need C. to need D. needed ( )
  10. A. smiles B. smile C. a smile D. an smile
八、阅读对话,并根据对话内容填词、词组或句子,使对话后的短文通顺正确。 A: Good morning, Dick. B: Good morning, Jim. Come in, please. A: Thank you. Your room is very nice. Oh! A bookshelf and many books. I know why you study so well then. B: Thank you. I like reading, you know. A: Did you do well in your exam? B: Yes. I just learned I passed the English exam and the result is good. I have got an “A”. A: Congratulations! B: Thank you. But you look worried today. Why? A: We will have a maths exam next Monday. I’m afraid I may fail the exam. So I’ ve come for some help. B: Don’t worry. I am good at it and I can help you with it. A: That’s great. Thank you very much. B: Not at all. It was a pleasure. A friend in need is a friend indeed. A: That’s true. When shall we start?
B: Right now.
Dick was a good pupil. He liked very much and there were a lot of books in his room. He was better at his lessons his friend, Jim. He studied quite well. He had just the English exam and the result was quite good. He had got an “A”. Jim his maths exam next Monday. He was afraid that he might . So he went to Dick for some help. He wanted Dick very much to help him his maths. Dick would like to help him at once and said that a friend in need a friend in deed.
初三英语( 初三英语(上)期末练习题(一)答案 期末练习题( 一、 单词拼写。根据英文提示写出单词(第一个字母已经给出)。
  1. pupil
  2. single
  3. decorate
  4. lock
  5. store
  6. appear
  7. found
  8. farmland
  9. printer
  10. spaceship 二、 选择填空。
  1. C 在原有的基础上再加一,用 another
  2. D You’ better 后接不带 to 的动词不定式, d 否定形式直接在动词原形前加 not.
  3. C “ spend…on”:在…上花费(时间/金钱)
  4. C “ between…and…”:在…之间
  5. C 此题是一个一般过去时的句子。
  6. D
  7. A “…to us”:对我们来说
  8. C “ in a month”:一个月以后.

  9. C 本题的考点是反意疑问句。nothing 是一个否定词,因此后半句应该用肯 定句。read 在该题中是 read 的过去形式,因此用 did 来反问。
  10. A 本题也是反意疑问句。从后半句能看出,前半句应该是一个否定句。修饰 不可数名词的否定词是 little.
  11. B It is…做形式主语,动词不定式做真正的主语。
  12. D 表示客观科学真理的句子要用一般现在时。
  13. D How long 是指一段时间,因此应该用持续性的动词。
  14. C ever:曾经; never:从来没有
  15. D 从答语的 ago 来看,应该用一般过去式。
  16. A “曾经去过 ”:have been to
  17. B 此空不能再填入动词, 需要一个介词。 “长着两只大眼睛的” 用介词 with.
  18. C say 后面常接所说的内容。该题中的 it 就是指代所说 的内容。
  19. D 此题是一个被动语态 的现在完成时,结构是 have( has) been done. 而 open 在该句中用作形容词,表示状态。
  20. A be weak in:在某方面比较弱; be good at:擅长,在某方面有优势。 三、用括号内所给词的适当形式填空.
  1. be done
  2. Have , finished
  3. hers
  4. me
  5. youngest
  6. taller
  7. twentieth
  8. is spoken
  9. was
  10. leave 四、补全对话。
  1. fine
  2. matter
  3. luck
  4. Which
  5. agree
  6. sweeping
  7. right
  8. sorry
  9. so/ as
  10. done 五、句型转换。按要求填词完成句型转换。
A)在下面各题 B 句的每个空格里写上一个单词,使 B 句的意思与 A 句的相近。
  1. I was seven years
  2. too, to
  3. will be remembered
  4. What an
  5. are used B)按照下面各题的汉语意思用英语完成句子,把答案写在横线上,词数不限。
  1. try our best
  2. stopped talking
  3. stronger and stronger
  4. will be on shown
  5. felt at home when I was 六、阅读理解 A
  1. T
  2. F “ The war finally ended in 19
  45. During the next years, two great things happened-my dad came home from the army, and I was born!” “我”爸爸是在战 争结束之后回来的。
  3. F “我”即 Joe 是



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