人教版初二英语词汇练习 50 题 人教版初二英语词汇练习 50 题
  1.I have two pencils. Can you give me a (three) one.
  2. I have more apples than (you). But (you) are better than(he)
  3. I often heard (sing) in the room. now I see him(play) on the ground.
  4. Yellow River is one of the longest in China. (river)
  5. Are they busy (go) over his lessons?
  6. Mr Green has a son (call) Tom.
  7.What is wrong with you? You look (worry).
  8.The wind was blowing (strong) then
  9. Don’t keep the teacher (wait) for a long time.
  10. which side of the street is (clean)
  11.He told me (not look ) out of the window.
  12. my mother often makes me (do) much work
  13. He runs much (fast ) than his mother.
  14.Please help (you) to some apples. Mrs Green said to her friends
  15. The police (be) the traffic over there.
  16.It is good (have) a rest after running.
  17.Both of them think Chinese is much (much) important than English.
  18. It is (danger) to play football near the river.
  19. My mother often does the on Sundays.(wash)
  20. My grandma told me an (usual) story.
  21. Michael Jordan is my favorite basketball (play)
  22. July is (seven) month of the year.
  23. Lucy, (pass) a bottle of orange to me, please.
  24. My parents the house at eight yesterday morning. (clean)
  25.Mary draws (bad) than Meimei
  26. Li lei tried hard (work) out the problem.
  27. Would you please (not turn) on the radio?
  28. Do you find it easy (ride) a bike?
  29. English is (use) than Maths.
  30. Yesterday it rained as (heavy) as it is now.
  31. Who runs (slow) in your class? Wei Fang (do) . She runs (slow) than any other student in the class.
  32. It takes me half an hour (go) home every day.
  33. It is difficult (learn) English well。

  34. You must finish (do) your homework next week
  35. (drink) milk is good for your health.
  36. The boy is old enough (go ) to school.
  37. If you want to be (thin ) and (healthy). You have to eat (little) food.
  38. Is there (something) wrong with your cars?
  39. I will try (not be) late for school.
  40. If you go soon., you (be)late.
  41. He couldn’t sleep (good) last night.
  42. My mother doesn’t feel like (drink) anything.
  43. I will call you as soon as she (come) back.
  44.. This isn't take-away food. It is home (cook).
  45. Either my father or I (work) on a farm this week.
  46.. My sister does some (run) every morning,so she is very healthy.
  47. They were on way to school when it began to rain.(they)?
  48. It's not far from here. It' about three walk.(minute)
  49. Hurry up! I don't want any of you to get. (lose)
  50. Our English teacher is always very to us. (friend)



  人教版初二英语词汇练习 50 题 人教版初二英语词汇练习 50 题 1.I have two pencils. Can you give me a (three) one. 2. I have more apples than (you). But (you) are better than(he) 3. I often heard (sing) in the room. now I see him(play) on the ground. 4. Yellow River is one of t ...


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